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Jasper Lily's New Life

Jasper Lily’s confidence continues to grow

It’s been a while since I have updated her blog. So much has happened. We had our annual summer vacation – this year we stayed in California and explored Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa. Lots of time in the redwoods… it is truly heaven on earth. And since Jasper is still not the biggest fan of the ocean, the forest is perfect for us. It is QUIET, fresh air, beautiful majestic trees, many that are several hundred years old. And did I say quiet? Very zen.


We love nature!!!


Dog in the redwoods!


Tired puppy! But still wants to be in the forest.

We traveled then a bit more north to help celebrate my great aunt’s 100th birthday. Jasper in a nursing home with wheelchairs and walkers?!? It was a recipe for disaster (she hates anything on wheels) but she did great. She wasn’t really allowed but we put her service dog vest on her and kept her in her carrier. Couple barkies but mostly well-behaved.

The sunsets in LA weren’t as epic this summer but we still managed our evening booty buster walks and sunset strolls. However, I will say, Jasper has figured me out. She now refuses to go further than one mile on her walks and not because she can’t do it but rather she would like to come home and play.  I would rather tire her out in nature!

And we started and completed two levels of dog obedience. I have always known Jasper is a smart little dog. She responds well to basic cues so I hoped obedience would help her learn new things, further bond with me and allow us to start dog agility. Something I always wanted to do with Shelby but knew Shelby would never go for since she hated crates, tunnels and anything that appeared to be confining.  Jasper did GREAT in the first class. She learned to sit, (better and on command, she knew that already). She learned stay – come – wait and “watch me”. Come is still a work in progress since she prefers to “come” on her own terms. The dogs in the class with us were a bit younger but pretty calm so it all worked great.

Level two was a different story. A lab (with lots of energy despite being 7) and a pitbull pup. Jasper was out of her element and not a fan. As the “older girl” in the group, she hated these dogs. She growled at first, nipped and curled the lip. In my mind, I knew we would learn the commands but never qualify for our Canine Good Citizen (which Shelby easily passed).  But through the course, she gained confidence, learned to ignore the other dogs (except when food or treats was involved) and mastered some higher level commands.

There are days I wonder how Jasper lived in a hoarding situation – she is such a solitary dog. She prefers people to dogs. Toys to being outside. And really values her alone time. Most of the time, I think she is content when I am NOT here.

Last night there was a reunion class and we went; I wanted to practice Jasper’s ability to be in loud and crowded and potentially stressful situations. We got there and there were two rambunctious pits. Beautiful dogs but too much energy for Jasper. She took control of the room pretty quickly (she was the only one allowed off leash) and set the tone. As other dogs showed up (a mutt, German Shepard and baby shepard), Jasper still owned that space. When a bunch of chairs  came crashing down from the play, Jasper didn’t flinch. She was away from me and at times I was nervous (those dogs were three times her size and one bite would be dangerous), Jasper navigated her way with grace, confidence and ease.


Look at her play with all those dogs around!

I am SO proud of her! Two years ago I would never have thought we would be here. I assumed I would have a submissive yet loving dog and now I have a confident and loving dog. I would like her to be a bit more affectionate sometimes but she knows when to bring it.

She isn’t Shelby … she never will be. But she is Jasper Lily and I love her very much. I love her quirks, her little sounds (less barkies would be great though) and how seeing her ball lights up her eyes like it’s the best day ever! We are going to work on jumping and then hopefully to get our CGC. I feel confident with a little work, she WILL pass!


And when she smiles, she lights up the space! So proud of her!!!

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3 Responses to “Jasper Lily’s confidence continues to grow”

  1.   Michelle Says:

    Yay Yay Yay, I love seeing this. Can i say it 🙂 I told you this would happen and it would take time. You are right she isn’t Shelby but she is JL and with JL it takes time to make these strides but you are doing it.
    I love she loves to travel and go with you places (although not for long distances in the car)

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2.   linda8115 Says:

    She’s like a flower blooming under your love. All the things you are doing for her will bring out her personality more and more. You two were meant for each other! Well done Spirit Shelby for hooking these two up! Always taking care of your Mama aren’t you sweet girl?

  3.   dobemom Says:

    Hooray Jasper Lilly! Love the smile on the last pic! That says it all! So happy for you guys, it was definetly worth the wait….

    Paula and Nitro

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