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Jasper Lily's New Life

Happy 4th Birthday Jasper Lily

Oh wow … the sidekick turns four today!!!! I do not love these birthdays as much as I loved them with Shelby because I see them as “slowing down” (which she is not)  or “aging” (which who loves that … certainly not me with the little lines all over). And Jasper probably will show more age than Shelby ever did since she is a black dog. Shelby as a blond never really showed any grey (like her mama) but I am sure as the years come, Jasper’s muzzle will get grey and she will start to look older.

Even when I look back on photos of her from when she first arrived to now, she seems to have grown into those ears and filled out. She still has her little curves around her waist but she definitely is bigger than when I first met her. She is 100% healthy (except for her monthly visits to the vet for her booty expressions). She eats like a champ; grain-free, veggies, fruits, moderate snacking. She works out in her own ways – preferring to fetch the ball in our tiny apt for hours vs a couple mile booty buster walk. I am not a fan of the turning around 10 minutes into our walk and pretending she is tired only to get home and have her find her energy with the tennis ball – non-stop!

She is such a good little traveler except she still hates, hates, hates the car. Even if it is to just go to daycare. I suspect she might have slight motion sickness but she sits on the floor, behind the seat where she can see me and glares. Fun times!

She adapts – easily – to wherever she goes. We arrived in Seattle and she just acted like she had never left. Greenlake park? Same old stuff. Her fear factor is greatly reduced on many levels except the obvious triggers (fireworks, booms, loud noises). We still have the “low-growl” (which I admit I do love) and the low-bark (which I do not love).

She never seems sad when I leave and is always happy to see me come home. She cuddles now … more and more. She smiles more. She wags her tail more. And her ‘scared ears’… less and less.

She is a good dog. She is a kind and loving dog. She is a gem, like her name. And like her big angel sister … who picked the best sidekick for me but definitely made us BOTH work for it, lives in the moment and loves without condition. Loving again didn’t come easy (for Jasper or me) but I would safely say – we are head over heels in love today. I still miss the heck out of my heart dog every day. I talk to her (a lot). I thank her (a lot). I smile when I think about our time together. I am sad when I think of how our journey ended. But I am filled with gratitude for what losing her brought out in me – more patience, more value for living in the moment and more room in my heart for a new fur-baby. I still have many moments of intense anxiety thinking about what the world will look like without Jasper or worry that she will break a leg or get sick. I try and keep her wrapped up in as much of a bubble as possible but I know there is nothing I did or didn’t do for Shelby to create the last chapter in our earthly story.

And on our walk this morning – rushing as I was late for work – I saw a shiny penny. Right in the middle of the sidewalk. So thank you Spirit Shelby for the signs that you continue to send.

And Jasper … Happy Birthday my little girl… your madre loves you very much and is looking forward to another fun journey around the sun with you!

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9 Responses to “Happy 4th Birthday Jasper Lily”

  1.   linda8115 Says:

    Awe Happy Birthday little Jasper Lily. Love love love those big expressive eyes! You have brought light back into your moms life. Shelby Lynn well done sweet Angel. You knew what mom needed and even though you made her work for it you put Jasper Lily right where she needed to be at the right time. Truly a match made in heaven or should I say the heavenly bridge. 😉

  2.   4myty Says:

    A www Happy Birthday!! Tennis ball chasing dogs are the best. Lucy will go after bit once and then she is done. I can’t believe she has been home with you for 2 whole years! You two make a great team ! BTW, I LOVE her new wardrobe. Lori, Ty and gang

  3.   Michelle Says:

    Happy Birthday JL. I am sure glad you have brought the smile back to your momma’s face. I know it has been a journey for both of you and you both have survived. So here is to many many more birthdays and travel adventures

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  4.   megstamum Says:

    Awwww, so sweet! Happy Birthday beautiful Jasper Lily. I know you’re going to have a fabulous day and I hope your Mum will take lots of pics of the celebrations to show us.You take such wonderful happy pics, and your expression is like a kid in a sweet shop, like you just can’t BELIEVE this life, this Momma, this everything is YOURS. Happy girl. Happy Momma. Angel Shelby paired you up well. She knew what she was doing.
    BTW Jasper, has your Mum tried an anti-static strap for the car? Meg HATED the car and was sick every single time she went in it. We tried everything but everything and nothing seemed to make any difference at all. And then we were looking on a website about kids with car sickness and someone mentioned an anti-static strap (a Mizter strap. They’re American. We had one sent over and Meg was never sick again and now loves going in the car. I’m sure it’s not the solution for everyone, but might be worth a try if you haven’t.
    Looking forward to hearing about your celebrations.
    Lots of love,
    Meg, Clare and Elsie Pie xxx

  5.   megstamum Says:

    By the way, Elsie just read your blog, and she’s a bit concerned about the comments about black dogs showing their age. Keeps checking herself in the mirror and muttering about having to dye her hair. I think the grey looks FABULOUS, but there we are that’s dogs for you…

  6.   mysweetted Says:

    She’s so sweet! Happy Birthday little Jasper.

  7.   dobemom Says:

    Happy birthday, Jasper Lilly! Love the pics, love that you and mom have found each other. Black dogs may show their age, but let me tell you this…..Nitro has grey in his muzzle, and I love it because he is living to a ripe old age – I never got to see it in my other dobes, so I embrace the grey!

    The best is yet to come sweet girl!

    Paula and Nitro

  8.   benny55 Says:

    HAPPY FOUR YEAR BIRTHDAY SWEET JASPER LILY!!! 🙂 🙂 :-)We love celebrating a ything Jasper Lily!! And we know we’ll always be in for some great stories AND great photos!!! And you NEVER disappoint!

    I absolutely love learning more about Jasper everytimw AND your relationship!

    It’s weird about the car, but I think you have a good point about possible car sickness. Yucky.

    Every single picture you take ALWAYS makes me smile!! And she is so adorable and so full of expression!! She actually LOOKS smart, as well as is smart!!

    Don’t recall seeing her in ner little Batman sweater before…CUTE! 🙂

    The picture with the lake as the backgrou d a d the one with the su set…just beautiful! You REALLY are an excellent photographer
    REALLY! But I have to say, Jasper Lily really knows how to strike a pose!! She’s a professional!!

    I’m so happy to see how much you two love each other and sooo enjoy each other. You have truly installed confidence in ner and helped her blossom into such a happy girl!! And she’s so e the same for you!! Just like Shelby Lynne planned!! And the penny you found let you know she is right with you celebrating this HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂

    Thank you for allowing us to be by your side on all your journeys!!

    Lots and lots of love my friend!! 🙂

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  9.   benny55 Says:

    PS. I really like the layout of her blog! Nice job!!

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