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Jasper Lily's New Life

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Jasper Lily’s fur-ever home

As I announced over the weekend, Jasper Lily has found her fur-ever home, with me. As if there was ever any doubt (which actually, to me, there was). I was feeling such guilt last week, knowing I had to make a decision since it wasn’t fair to her and all her baggage to make her pack […]

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Jasper Lily’s First Trip to the Beach

Oh Jasper Lily…. why are you so skittish? You are fearless beast (for the most part) in the front of our apt and our block. Yet we walk 1/2 a mile down a hill, past a barking (yet fenced in) dog and near some cars rushing by and you become a little, shaking, nervous dog. […]

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Jasper Lily’s first week

Jasper Lily has been in my apt, my life for one week today. And while I definitely don’t feel anything akin to “love” for her, she is growing on me a little bit. I think last week was just so emotional for me with my spin-a-thon dedicated to Shelby and the events surrounding that and […]

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Jasper Lily after 48 hours

Well Jasper Lily (or just Jasper as I call her) continues to try and make space for herself in my heart. She is really darn cute and everything I wanted on paper for a “new” dog (good with people, good walker, snuggles, plays, likes to go). She hasn’t quite broken down that wall but I do […]

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Introducing Jasper Lily

With my heart still raw with emotions,  I am putting my toes back in the water of this thing called “dog ownership”. At first, I figured I would just volunteer for a rescue so I could be around dogs and feel fur between my fingers. Then I started to look on Petfinder and Adopt-a-Pet websites. […]

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Hello Tripawds!

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