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Jasper Lily's New Life

Archive for August, 2014

Jasper Lily’s incessant fear of the beach

Jasper Lily has gotten so brave as of late. She’s really filled out (figuratively and literally – I swear that little dog is bigger now). We’ve been going out and about a lot more. She has gotten so brave on our longer walks. I no longer suspect fear when she’s walking rather she walks with determination […]

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Jasper Lily at two months

WOW … has Jasper Lily really been a part of my life for two months? Like Shelby’s passing it feels forever long and forever short. It’s hard to believe that two months ago, on a Tuesday, I was driving to Orange County in rush hour traffic, sitting there, wondering what the hell I was thinking […]

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Jasper Lily is gaining some confidence

Jasper Lily has been with me about 7 weeks now and while it has not been easy (there are still more days than I want to admit that I wish she was a different dog), she has brought a lot of laughter and smiles back to my little beach apt. I firmly believe, day in and out, that […]

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