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Jasper Lily's New Life

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Jasper Lily’s petrifying weekend

Oh Jasper Lily … the world isn’t that scary and life would be so much more fun if you were able to embrace it! I truly believe Jasper is part cat – she literally will go hide and I have NO clue where she is. She can skinny herself under lots of furniture that doesn’t […]

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Jasper Lily at 5 weeks

How has it been five weeks already?  I think Jasper Lily has finally unpacked her baggage and feels comfortable and confident that this is her fur-ever home (which of course it is). She seems to have embraced her life here and has her routine (which is clearly important to her) and seems genuinely happy. I […]

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Jasper Lily at one month

Wow… a month already?!? I cannot believe Jasper Lily has been under my care for one whole month. I still remember a month ago at this time, preparing for the two hour drive to Orange County to meet Jasper (aka Julia, aka Coyoyita). As I was driving there I do remember an intense feeling of dread […]

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Almost week three with Jasper Lily

How is it possible that we are at week number three with Jasper Lily? It feels like she has been a part of my world so much longer (and tomorrow marks the three month mark that my best girl, Shelby, became an angel). Time feels like it’s flying by yet my heart still aches for the “love […]

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