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Jasper Lily's New Life

Jasper’s 4 year adopt-a-versary

Four years ago this past Saturday we met. It was NOT love at first sight. It was not trust at first sight. It was not perfect.

But through the imperfect, the learning to love, the learning to trust, has come some of the best adventures and experiences. My allowing my heart to open up (and Jasper’s too), we have found a whole new life together. One that we could never have imagined.

My heart, freshly broken from the loss of my beloved soulmate, Shelby Lynne, I took a chance on a black and tan dog I saw on Petfinder. She had been rescued from the streets of Mexico where she lived in a hoarding house with God only knows how many other dogs. She was submissive, scared, tentative, and at the time, full of “good choices”. As she has come into her independence, her confidence has blossomed and she is now the queen of “bad choices” but good times.

Jasper’s personality shines through each and every day … in ways that are so completely different than Shelby.Β  For example, Jasper loves to play fetch. She has more balls than we know what to do with (and most of them end up under the couch and I have to drag the couch to get them all out). She could toss that ball for hours and never tire. Yet when we go to the dog park , she wants me to throw it so she can catch it and then drops it at her feet. So basically, I walked to her, grab the ball, walk backwards, toss the ball, she jumps to catch and then drops. Rinse and repeat!

She is a hunter – squirrel, cat, mole (yes … she had one in her mouth a few weeks back). Her prey instinct is so much stronger than Shelby’s was. Not that Shelby didn’t love to hunt, she just wasn’t as focused as Jasper.

She has her routine … she goes to bed each night around 8 pm. I wish she would hang on the couch with me but she really prefers to put herself in one of her beds in my bedroom. Until I go to bed then she comes around and waits for me to put her IN the bed with me. Where she burrows herself in the pillows.

Each morning, as I place her on the floor, she does her ‘stretches’ while I start the coffee and get her leash. She always likes to raise her big booty up in the air ala downward dog and get a booty scratch. And speaking of booty scratches, after she eats her dinner, she loves to rub her face all over the rugs while I rub her booty. She demands it even.

She still does her low-growl (which honestly, I do love) … and her loud bark (do not love). She loves, loves, LOVES the neighbor and the UPS driver. She barks and barks till I take her outside to see them and then vocalizes her joy so loudly you would think she was being attacked. Pure screams of joy! (BTW – Shelby loved both these men too… they must have good juju).

And her bad choices … well, I know deep down she tries to be good and she always does feel remorse (unlike Shelby Lynne who was always SO proud of her destruction). Jasper loves to shred, paper, bills, toilet paper… I’m just thankful it’s not my shoes!

Four years ago…. I drove 2 hours to Orange County, CA to take a BIG risk on a little dog. It was one of the hardest things and one of the greatest things in my life. I look at Jasper Lily every day and tell her that I love her SO very, very much. We also thank Shelby Lynne each day for bringing us together. Life is about living each moment and I am grateful for the sidekick and my heart’s willingness to open back up. It wasn’t easy but the best things in life rarely are.

The day we met and this weekend

Waiting for madre to get her coffee be like ….

Throw me the ball, madre!!!

Special pink cookie to celebrate!

She’ll never totally be a beach dog but she always feels safe on my lap watching the sun set over our backyard … life is for living and we embrace each moment.


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5 Responses to “Jasper’s 4 year adopt-a-versary”

  1.   Michelle Says:

    Happy Gotcha Day JL. I remember when she came into your life 4 years ago. I told you then she would worm her way into your heart. To give her a chance to show you joy & love. She has done that. She has become a traveler and a beach dog.

    Here is to many more years with you & JL

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2.   jerry Says:

    Awwww! Hoppy Gotcha Day Jasper Lily! I can’t believe it’s been four years!

    Alison it’s been pure joy watching your relationship with her turn into something very special. I’ll admit I was a bit worried that maybe you two gals would have far more challenges than you did in those early days, but both of you rose to the occasion of creating a forever bond with each other and what teamwork it has been!

    Give that booty of hers extra scratches and scritches from us, we adore her and all your fun adventures.

  3.   dobemom Says:

    Happy gotcha day! Both of you! What an amazingly strong, brave thing you did when you decided to take a chance on her. I remember the intense heartache after saying goodbye to my heart dog, and I imagine it was the same for you after Shelby; it’s not easy to accept a new friend, when all you want is the one you had. Jasper was just what (and who) you needed at the time; you needed a project who was a diamond in the ruff. I truly believe you needed someone who made you work for every little victory – and that victory was all the more sweeter for the effort it took. Congrats on how far you’ve both come….bravo!

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

  4.   spayurpets Says:

    Happy adoptaversary! Similar loss (Henry Soulmate) followed by a similar adoption (in OC!) of a Shiba Mix Tripawd (is Jasper part Shiba? LOTS of descriptive similarities (too many to list)personality, behaviors, and hunter extraordinaire! And screaming and barking!!! And Jasper has markings for the black kind). For me it was love at first sight and then …what have I gotten myself into sight. Lol. Anyways. I loved your post….Healed me (Henry) and resonated with me (Cashew). #heartwarming

  5.   benny55 Says:

    I waited to read this until I had a moment to really focus and immerse myself intomevery word…every emotion…every feeling…every lesson.

    I knew it would be another delicious look into an enlightened Soul who has the courage to grow…..and all while keeping her (you!) delightful wit and sense of humor!!

    OMD! From coming to you with “good choices” amd quickly evolving into QUEEN OF BAD CHOICES!! LMAO!πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I had so much fun reading all about the way her SPARKLING personality has developed!!

    As you know, I sometimes “lurk” on fbooger and see some cute pictres of you and Jasper, but it’s never enough….it’s more like a “teaser” and it always leaves me wanting more! This is why I LOOOOVE it when you come here to post!! You ALWAYS chronicle the events and adventures you and Jasper Lily share in a way that’s so much fun to read!

    I love the way you weave in little snippets of Shelby Lynne and the way she and Jasper Lily are the same…..and different!

    Yes, I remember soooo vividly how you kept up your guard and did your best not to,let Jasper Lily into your heart! You tried hard!!! You trusted though. You trusted that Shelby Lynne would not lead you astray. If I recall, wasn’t it a case where you saw her one day at the shelter and sort of couldn’t get her out of your mind? You felt drawn to her???

    When I look at the “first day” picture and the lookmkn jer face……and then the pictures now and the look on jer face…WOW!!! SPEAKS VOLUMES ABOUT WHERE YOU STARTED AND WHERE YOU ARE NOW!!❀❀

    Her body language in that first picture…..she’s trying to ignore uou…she looks so stiff and uncomfortable.

    In the current pictures she melts into you and you into her. She exudes happiness and joy now!!!

    I love these pictures! I love the ones you post when she makes “bad xhoices’! They always make me laugh! And then the conversations you have with her about those choices…..too funny!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Her eyes are about to pop out of her head over that cookie!

    I always love the pics of you two enjoying those BEAUTIFUL SUNSETS. But this photo of Jasper sitting so,proudly, so confidently, clearly loving the moment…the NOW. That little wispy squiggle of a cloud framing her face…stunning!! I think it’s Shelby Lynne blowing you and Jasper Lily a kiss from the BridgeπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

    Thank you so much for sharing Jasper Lily with us! HAPOY GOTCHA DAY JASPER!!😊 We love you and your Madre!!

    Love and light

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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