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Jasper Lily's New Life

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The many faces of Jasper Lily

My dear friend, Jeff, is a photographer and he’s the one that did all the amazing photos my my beautiful Shelby Lynne. Jasper and I were at an open house party this weekend and she was meeting all sorts of new friends and because Jasper tends to be a puller, she spent some quality time […]

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Jasper Lily at six months

Has Jasper really been a part of my world for six months already? It feels like MUCH longer. Like she has always been here.¬†She has 100% made herself at home. She knows where her home is and she’s actually quite smart. She’s also very much a royal PITA on the days she doesn’t get enough […]

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Jasper Lily’s first Christmas, New Years and Birthday

Jasper Lily had an exciting couple of weeks. I was off for about 10 days for winter break and got to spend all my time with her. She loved having me home. It meant long and more frequent walks, trips to the dog park, hiking, lunch dates, cocktail dates and extra cuddles and naps. Jasper […]

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