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Jasper Lily's New Life

Adventures with Jasper Lily … Road Trip!

Did someone say road trip?!?

The Northern CA Tripawds Party was confirmed and Jasper and I were so excited to get the heck out of dodge (aka LA) and drive north for the weekend. We LOVE our time with our Tripawds family … where time stands still and we are surrounded by love and some of the kindest people known to man. And after 2 very long work weeks and nights, this trip could not have come at a better time. For the record, Jasper still hates riding in the car but once it is stopped, ears up and face forward.

We got a bit lost winding our way to the park (thank you GPS and Waze app). So we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge (more on that later). We arrived right on time and were greeted by Shelby! How happy were we to see such a pretty princess. The rest of the crew rolled in and forgive me that I don’t remember all the names but it was great to see old friends, meet new friends and catch-up.

After the pawty – Jasper and I drove back across the Golden Gate Bridge and stopped for the obligatory photo opp. It was a gorgeous day in the city. There is so much peace to be found watching the whales in the bay, sitting in the trees, feeling the clean, cool breeze against our face. Pure zen! We grabbed a bite before heading back to the hotel and that serves as a reminder that Jasper needs to work on her ‘dining out manners’. Summer is coming and summer means road trips, happy hour and brunch with your sidekick!

Jasper does great in the hotel but Air BNB is a much better choice for us usually. She gets her barkies and growlies in hotels. But thankfully she was mostly too tired to do much about it. It’s always funny to watch her sleep, eyes shut, ears up and a low growl. I still find the low growl hilarious … the barking – not so much.

Sunday we made a quick stop to some Redwood trees in a little trail outside of Oakland. Getting lost in the woods (not really) always soothes my soul and helps me “find my zen”. Even though I didn’t bring great hiking shoes, it was a nice walk before the long drive back to LA.

Arriving back in LA, we felt refreshed, energy renewed, happy, heart full of love … and ready to take on the world. We love our trips up north. We love getting out of the city even if it involves 5- 6 hours in the car through ugly central California!!! But Jasper and I won’t stay put for long…  this jet-setting team is headed north next week for a long memorial day weekend. Look out Cannon Beach, OR… Jasper

Lily is coming back and she loves the beach now!

Road trips with dogs are the best!!! She never complains about the music or my singing (loud and off-key). She never asks “are we there yet”? And she’s always happy and tail wagging when we arrive! We love our adventures and so … till the next time… #jasperandmadreadventures #mylittlesidekick



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5 Responses to “Adventures with Jasper Lily … Road Trip!”

  1.   benny55 Says:

    Alison!! What a great Zen get away!! I am sooo envious…and so thrilled that you and Jasper Lily get to have such a beautiful time outside in Nature. I want to move to California!!

    I was sooo looking forward to your photographic journal of your trip. I knew I would feel like I was there…..and you did not disappoint! I can almost feel the serenity of being with you among the Redwoods. And your beautiful pictures of the Golden Gate are probably the closest I’ll ever get to seeing it.

    You took some great pictures of all the doggies at the pawty! What a great looking crew!! Jasper Lily seems to thoroughly enjoy her perch from John’s lap! Very cute!

    I know first hand the joy and love you experience being with your Tripawd Family. Truly the nicest Souls in the world!

    BTW…..rhe picture with you znd Jasper Lily smiling with the beautiful sunny sky behind you and Shelby’s necklace so distinctly visible……very nice…..very nice feeling Shelby was right there by your side.

    Thanks for taking the time to share this lovely weekend.

    Much love!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2.   Michelle Says:

    What a great get away. I love the update about the Tripawd party. JL makes a great side kick for you and a great traveler. Shelby sure picked the right one for you. <3 <3 <3

    Can't wait to hear more about your future adventures.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  3.   benny55 Says:

    Just me again! Looking for a reason to smilea.d I said to myself…”Self, go look at Jasper Lily’s pictures again and they will
    make you smile!”

    And they sure did!! She takes THE CUTEST photos!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4.   penny4weims Says:

    Great pictures, I always wish later I had gone to the Nor Cal party. You can certainly camp out here if you wish on your way to Oregon. I’m sure Hank and Blink would love Jasper Lily.

  5.   jerry Says:

    Ohhh Alison what great photos, I just had a chance to see these. Dang, would have included them in my post about the event.

    What fun you two have, I think you’ve both got the road trip routine down, and the trick is to NOT make it routine. Jasper’s a lucky dawg.

    And yep, that NorCal crowd is fantastic aren’t they? Really, the strongest bunch of Tripawds supporters ever, and even more now that you’re joining the fun.


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