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Jasper Lily's New Life

Jasper Lily… the love story continues

OMG do I love this dog! Words I never thought I would utter but I look at Jasper and my heart just overflows with love, affection, trust and joy. You did good, Shelby Lynne, you did real good!

It is so hard to believe that is has almost been two years since I lost the love of my life – my soul mate – my heart dog, Shelby. And Jasper and I are three months shy of celebrating two years of living together. I can look back on old blog posts and see how I had so much trouble opening my heart to love. I liked Jasper, a little more each month, but it was almost 9 months before I loved her. Love didn’t come easy for either of us with all our baggage. I think Jasper fell a little quicker than I did but nonetheless … I have loved her for months now but this past month; I don’t know. I just look at her and beg and pray for her to live forever. Which I know can’t happen. I tell her every night as we cuddle before bed, how much I love her and how special and safe she is. And by cuddle, I mean she goes into her little fort on my bed and all I get is that big booty next to my head.

Jasper finally comes to me to cuddle when she’s tired from playing or the dog park. She used to put herself in her bed or to bed, under my bed in her airline carrier which remains one of her favorite places to be. But she’s started joining me on the couch to cuddle. She still doesn’t run to me when she gets scared from thunder, lightening, fireworks, gunshots … she goes under the bed or into my closet but I know she feels safe there so I don’t mind.

She LOVES her playtime. She loves to fetch her tennis ball. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. We are thankful that it is lighter later now so we can try and burn off some energy with a “booty buster” walk.

She still tries to protect her casa more than I would like with her growlies and barkies. And forget having a worker in my house – even hiding under the bed in her carrier, I hear her growling and barking. Sigh.

But this weekend, at the dog park, she walked up to a man and started barking at him. No reason. He hadn’t even looked at her. She would walk away and go back to him and bark and bark. I guessed she sensed some bad juju on him. Another guy came into the park with his dog and girlfriend and Jasper did the same thing – bark, bark, bark. Then I noticed – both men had on baseball hats. Perhaps that was it. Another guy came in (full beard) and Jasper went barkzilla on him too. So I am guessing that Jasper just wants to make sure that I never have a man in my life! 🙂 Yet she absolutely ADORES the neighbor and the UPS driver … if I don’t take her outside when they are out there, she loses her flipping mind.

Oh Jasper Lily … you are so silly! Shelby had no issues with anyone – ever. She loved every person, regardless of gender or race, unconditionally. It is so weird how different Jasper is even though she is being raised by the same loving mother. I guess it is in her DNA. Like her tail – she hates when you stroke that big bushy tail which is such a shame since it’s so pretty. I do wonder, as suggested, if she was bullied and had that tail pulled when she was a street dog or in her hoarding situation.

But I’ll end where I started this blog – oh how I love this dog!!! Quirks and all! Jasper and I are headed out on Spring Break in 10 days and I cannot wait for our next adventures. She is a great travel buddy and so adaptable and I couldn’t have asked for a better companion. Shelby Lynne’s spirit lives on in both of us and I know Shelby is watching from over the bridge giving herself a little pat on the back. And thinking, yeah… I always knew what was best for my mama!

First Booty Buster walk post Daylight Savings… oh how we love the beach at sunset!

Say cheese, Jasper Lily!

When your dog judges your beverage choice!

“throw the ball, madre!!!! Throw it!!!”

Chillaxin’ at the beach…

Frog dog! She always sits like this and it never ceases to crack me up.

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4 Responses to “Jasper Lily… the love story continues”

  1.   otisandtess Says:

    We adopted Otis when he was 6 months old. He has a real problem with men wearing hats, sunglasses, hoodies – anything covering their faces. He can get really threatening, especially if the man raises his hand (like to say hello). Women wearing these things are fine. We thought it probably had something to do with someone in his past – perhaps someone who hurt him? or the person who caused him to be running in traffic at 6 months old – where he was found. Really interesting how they process threats. He has gotten better as he has aged – now he looks more to me for guidance as to whether the person is OK, but I still have to ask men to remove their hats from time to time.

  2.   benny55 Says:

    Oh Aliso ! You crack me up! I just love reading “everything” Alison…and Jasper Lily…and Shelby Lynne! And the pictures ate ALWAYS spectacular, especially with some of the “thought bubbles” of Miss Jasper Lily!

    We KNEW you would fall in love with Jasper because Shebly picked her! She knew EXACTLY what she was doing! I tell ya’ what though, you fought really hard not to love her, but Jasper and Shelby made sure she was waaaay too adorable not to love!

    Her picture chillaxin…her picture bathing in the glow of the sunset…so beautiful. Of course showing her disdain for your “choice of beverage”…beyond adorable!

    It would be interesting to see what would happen if you got the same man (or so eine else) with the hat to remove it and then approach her gently and with a “fun” voice. Then again, that may sound like too bizarre a pick up line even in California! “Sure lady, I’ll remove my hat to see how your dog reacts! Is there anything else you’d like me to remove to see how you react?”:-)

    Where are you going on Spring break? We have ro jave pictures! Have a wonderful time!! Will be thinking of you…for lots of reasons….but you know that!

    Lots of love always!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3.   zeusysmom Says:

    You guys are so beautiful together! XO

  4.   Michelle Says:

    Yay, Yay and YAY. I knew it and told you always give yourself time. You have a wonderful girl and a great life. Now here is my 2 cents on the men thing. Possibly the guy at the hording house had a beard and wore baseball caps. More than likely is why she is associating that with those men because it’s not like she does it all the time.

    Guarding her house is a good thing at least you know that you will be safe and if anyone ever breaks in your security system (JL) will let you know right away 🙂

    Love all those pictures and can’t wait for you to take your next jaunt so we can see more pictures

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

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