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Jasper Lily's New Life

Jasper Lily at Three Months

Ironically, Jasper Lily’s three month celebration comes on the same anniversary of the one year marker from when I found out Shelby had cancer. So I am really hoping that little Jasper Lily can deal with the heat long enough to bring me some smiles later this afternoon when I get home.

What a few months and a summer Jasper and I have had … she has proven herself time and time again. She is such a GOOD little dog with some very obscure quirks. She still barks and freaks out at ‘air’ which I can only assume those dumbo ears must hear things the rest of the world does not. Or she’s being haunted by the spirit of Shelby!

This summer Jasper and I went to several outdoor movies together. Our last was a couple of weeks ago and we ended up having to hike up 1 1/2 miles through Will Rogers State Park since parking was full. She was a trooper! I carried our pack of supplies and she marched along side of me – on a mission – like a good working dog should. Aside from my prohibiting her from eating mass quantities of horse crap, she did great. She still has some mega food/boundary issues (as she ate 1/2 of a chocolate cupcake). But she’s a great, loving and affectionate dog.

Movie night with her babies! – She was happy but of course with the ‘resting bitch face’.














Jasper definitely likes to go but she doesn’t like to be in the car. I don’t know what it is about my car (or my driving) but she sits on the floor in the front seat and shoots me daggers. She never balks at getting in the so I have no clue. The world would be a much more enjoyable place for her if she was a normal dog that like to ride in the car and look out the window.

She also goes to daycare once a week. It’s been great to get some of her energy out in the middle of the week. I had forgotten what it’s like to have a youthful, energetic dog around. Shelby would be energetic or sloth like depending on my mood. Jasper, not so much. She did get into a scuffle, I suspect, when she came home with a pretty mark on her face. I think it made her even more bad ass than usual with her resting bitch face.

She also loves the dog park. For the most part, she’s friendly and playful. She still exhibits submissive behavior but I am happy to see her outgrowing that. She did throw a few punches at a dog a couple weeks ago. But otherwise she likes to fetch and herd the other dogs. If she is, indeed, an Australian Kelpie, this is normal behavior.

At home, from the second I wake up to when we go to bed it’s “squeak, squeak, squeak” with her toy. She has a favorite one and she cannot wait to carry it around and bite on it. She LOVES to chew. Anything and everything. Except my things. She is pretty good about that (except pillows and socks). She likes to fetch and we don’t have a ton of space to throw things but I throw and she brings it back. I still worry about watching her fly across the hardwood floors but I am working on letting her ‘be a dog’.

She’s also found her way into my bed. I said it wouldn’t happen but after her scuffle at daycare, I brought her into my bed and boom. She’s been there every since. She can’t get up on her own so this is what I see every night.

Let me up, Madre!

And then this is what we get.


Her favorite toy and she has to play with on my lap.

Her other quirks include:

  • Licking my armpits (disturbing on many levels)
  • Licking my legs as soon as I get home from a run (my neighbors often hear me yelling, don’t lick my legs!!!)
  • Low growls for no apparent reason
  • Barking when I get her leash out (as if to say, let’s go, now, madre)
  • Going low to the ground when I go to pick her up (I suspect she was probably hit at some point so she still freaks if you come at her at that angle)
  • Licking her bowl over and over and over – even once the food is all gone – and then licking some more
  • Eating spinach leaves off the floor
  • Taking her carrots and cucumber slices to the other side of the room to enjoy
  • Names she will answer to
    • Jasper Lily
    • Jasperilla (her favorite)
    • Jasperita
    • Jasper
    • Lily-moss (I don’t know how that one came up)

So I can’t wait to see how she does this fall and winter (if that should ever arrive in LA). I am hopeful that she will get cozy in her airline carrier so she can come to Seattle with me over Thanksgiving. She will be boarded for the first time in a couple weeks while I am in Seattle for a wedding and I am hoping she is well-behaved. She doesn’t smile much but when she does, it’s always a delight to see. I can’t imagine NOT having her here. I do feel something akin to love for her and yet I still find myself saying to her, “Shelby never did that”. But Shelby was far from the perfect dog and to see how far along Jasper has come in our short time together makes me really proud of her. I still tell her that I love her in Spanish but I’ve said it in English as well.

So here’s to more adventures with Jasper Lily … with the Spirit of Shelby fur-ever in our hearts and guiding us every step of the way!

Hola Jasper Lily!

















Dogs got junk in her trunk! #babygotback
















Posted by on September 16th, 2014 at 8:37 pm | Comments & Trackbacks (13)

13 Responses to “Jasper Lily at Three Months”

  1.   Michelle Says:

    Yay Jasper. Happy gotcha day(3 months). I love how far you both have come in the last 3 months. Make sure to leave her with something with your scent on it while you board her. You don’t want her to freak out. Something you don’t mind if she chews on.

    Love how she ended up in your bed. It is a good sign. 🙂

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

    •   mom2shelby Says:

      You were right! 🙂 I gave her some time and look where we are … IT still surprises me and confuses me and my heart but that’s all part of the process!
      Hugs and love!

  2.   4myty Says:

    I just love seeing her hugging her babies. That is priceless. She is just darling. I still think she is a distant cousin of Lucy. She shares a lot of the same traits. With the exception of Lucy liking to lick lotion from my legs. Hugs from Lori and Ty

    •   mom2shelby Says:

      I know – I see a lot of Lucy in Jasper … except Jasper isn’t as quite as low to the ground but definitely has the inquisitive face and love of destruction of all things fluffed!

  3.   Cassie Says:

    I am in love with the picture of her cuddling with her baby on your bed! Super cute! Domino also somehow wiggled his happy butt into my bed every night and is there to stay. I am so glad Jasper has done so well with you!
    Cassie and Doimno

  4.   benny55 Says:

    JASPERILLA! That Alison was one tough egg to crack…and you have cracked her!!!! And you and your madre both crack us up!!!

    That pocture of you waiting for your Court Jester to pick up your Royal Highness…A D O R A B L E!!!!!!! You just melt my heart with every single photo!!!

    And you REALLY, REALLY are sooo well behaved! Look at you chillin’ with your little picnic basket at the movies! No way Myrtle Mae would be that well behaved!!

    I love hearing all about Jasper..taking her veggies to her special “veggie dining corner”…throwing punches at another dog (I bet it was the one who scratched her face)…and playing with her toy in your lap….. I just delight in hearing about her!

    Shelby must just be tinkled pink at all her antics!! I think Jasperilla is tickled pink too…she’s SMILING big huge grins!!!

    Another thoroughly enjoyable vlog from our Alison! Thank you for the smiles and for sharing Jasper Lily with us! We’re in love!!!

    Sally and Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle

    •   mom2shelby Says:

      Awe… thank you Sally!!! She’s definitely a spirited dog with a big personality! And honestly, I am not sure Shelby would have been as well behaved at the movies either….

      Much love and I am glad you enjoy reading our stories as much as I enjoy writing them!

  5.   bcullom Says:

    I love Jasperilla, it somehow fits her! Her quirks are what makes her so lovable, and meant to be with you. What a funny little girl she is! I very much enjoy reading your blog posts about her life, and how you both are growing together…….one day at a time……

    Much Love,
    Bonnie. & Angel Polly

  6.   bcullom Says:

    Oh, and my sweet Pearl has an obsession with “armpit-licking”…….she is insanely attracted to underarm deodorant …….I have a quirky pup too…..!!

  7.   snoop Says:

    All your pictures and all what you have written about Jasper is do deep with love. That little girl is doing wonders for you and the pack you have created. She seems adorable and such a good fit for you.

    We never replace anyone we’ve lost! We’re not looking to, as if it could be possible. We instead take the step to invite someone new in. What’s so amazing is when we feel we may not be able to love again, they show us how much we can. There’s healing in all of this in our lives I believe.

    Celebrate, celebrate you two!
    Life’s good!

    Esther and her Angel Snoop, Abby and Little Jax

    •   mom2shelby Says:

      Thank you – you say it so well! It’s been a real learning / eye-opening experience for me. I was bound and determined to “like her” but not love her but my heart has opened itself up in ways I didn’t think were possible. The love for my Shelby is for-ever at the forefront but little Jasper definitely has carved out her own space … I would be sad if she wasn’t with me and that was when I knew it was love!

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